Career Awareness

 Career Awareness



Below is a list of books on the topic of career awareness There is also a list of websites on career awareness and links to them.



Jobs People Do by Christopher Maynard - this large size volume book is an introduction to the world of work.  For ages 3-6

Young Person's Occupational Outlook Handbook - this is a guidebook for young people with quick one page descriptions for various careers.  For elementary and middle school age students.



Bureau of Labor Statistics - This is a website for kids that provides introductory career information for students in grades 4-8.

Kids.Gov - This is the official kids portal for the U.S. government. It links over 2000 web pages from government agencies, schools, and educational organizations, all geared toward the learning level and interest of kids. There is a great section that provides a lot of information on a variety of careers.