Reponding to Change and Loss Resources

As we continue to deal with this time of uncertainty, we recognize that students and families may be struggling with stress, anxiety, grief, and loss. During these times it is especially important that we remember to take care of both our physical and mental health. Below you will find some resources to support you and your family members.

A mental health hotline is available for New Yorkers in need. Over 6,000 mental health professionals have volunteered their time to help with New York Coronavirus response for free emotional support, consultation and referral to a provider.  Call 1-844-863-9314

If You Need Immediate Assistance:

Fire, Medical, or Police Emergency 911

Mobile Crisis Assessment Team (MCAT) 607-433-2343

Crisis Intervention Service (Psychiatric) 1-877-369-6699

For Otsego Mental Health: 607-433-2343

Crisis Hotline/Domestic Violence: 432-4855

AO Fox Hospital Emergency Room 431-5000

Bassett Medical Center ER 547-3355

Child Abuse Reporting 1-800-342-3720

Support Services

7-12 School Counselor KELLY CATELLA [email protected]

PK-6 School Counselor LORRAINE MILLER [email protected]

School Psychologist

Systems of Care Social Worker Fabienne Lescourflair [email protected]

Change and Loss