X. Student Use of Personal Technology



Students are prohibited from using any personal technology (paging device, mobile telephone, cellular telephone, laser pointer or pen or any other type of telecommunications or imaging device) during instructional time, except as expressly permitted in the Guidelines for Use of Personal Technology (see below).

While students are permitted to possess such devices during the school day, they are prohibited from using them in any manner which invades the privacy of students, employees, volunteers or visitors.  Students are not permitted to use any form of information technology, including their own personal electronic devices, to intimidate, harass or threaten others.  This type of harassment is generally referred to as cyperbullying. 

If a student violates this prohibition, then he/she is subject to discipline under this provision and/or any other provision in the District Code of Conduct that may be applicable to the circumstances involved.  Any electronic device that is permitted on school property is encouraged to be kept on the person in a concealed manner.

Teachers and all other Board personnel should exemplify and reinforce acceptable student dress and behavior (including possession/use of electronic devices) and help students develop an understanding of appropriate appearance and conduct in the school setting.

Guidelines for Use of Personal Cell Phones/Devices

The District recognizes the prevalence of personal technology (PT) in today's society and understands the potential for the devices as beneficial educational tools.  This must be balanced, however, with our responsibility to maintain a safe environment for students and staff.  Use of PT during the school day is a privilege not a right.

1. PT may be used by students before and after school, on school buses, during study halls (at the discretion of the supervising teacher) and at lunch.  PT is prohibited during class time.

a. Volume on any device must be set so it cannot be heard by any other individual.

b. Devices and/or headphones may NOT be shared.

c. PT must be used in accordance with the Acceptable Use Policy.

d. Headphones and devices are to be completely out of sight during passing times in the hallways.

2. Recording functions used to take photos, video, or audio recordings are not to be used during the school day without permission.  (Device will be confiscated.  Pictures or recordings will be reviewed by the Principal.  The device will be returned to the parent or guardian.)

3. PT may not be used during any emergency drill.  Devices should be completely out of sight during any emergency drill.

4. PT may not be used during ASD or ISS.

5. Inappropriate use of PT is prohibited at all times and subject to disciplinary action.

a. First Offense - Warning

b. Second Offense - Devices will be confiscated and give to the Principal.  The student may retrieve the device at the end of the day.  A referral will document the offense.

c. Third Offense - Devices will be confiscated and given to the Principal.  The device will only be returned to a parent or guardian.  A referral will document the offense.

d. The Principal may rescind permission for a student to use PT during the designated times if a student violates any aspect of the guidelines.

e. The Principal may rescind permission for ALL students to use PT at any time for safety reasons.

Students who bring PT to school DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK.  The District will not assume responsibility for lost or stolen devices.